We are tibetan terriers. Uschi (the tri-color bitch - pedigree name "Sumanshu Another One Bites the Dust"), Jampa (the white/black male - pedigree name "Sumanshu Patchwork Prince") and Kushu (the black and tan male - pedigree name "Sumanshu Spicy and Delicious). We live in Antwerp, Belgium (Europe).

17th june 2012 - TTCN - The day of the descendants

We had a lovely day!
“Sumanshu Spicy And Delicious” aka Kushu met his brother “Sumanshu Sweet Elstar”.
Both were thinking the same: GIVE ME THAT COOKIE!!! :-)))))

THE PAPARAZZI !!!!!!!!!!!!

Photo by Huub Bovendeerd

It was a very nice day ... can we go home now ???

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